Tiny Rhino Instructions

This post is for folks in possession of the Tiny Rhino kit, available soon on www.etsy.com/shop/FeltOriginalToys

Before you start, I recommend laying out your supplies, from the kit and from home, on a flat, tidy surface. 
The picture below shows all the pattern felt pieces included in your kit. (There’s also an extra scrap. It’ll come up later.)
You should also have a needle, a bobbin with thread, a pair of scissors, (optionally a pair of blunt nosed pliers), a pencil or pencil-crayon, and the two safety eyes and washers for attachment.
NOTE: Whichever way you do it, make sure you only attach the eyes and 
washers together when you’re ready to. They do not come apart again once attached. 

Enjoy creating your very own, one of a kind Tiny Rhino! 
~Emma Rouleau
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If you have any questions or concerns about your kit or instructions, please contact me (link above) and I’ll be happy to help!

First, take one side of the body (doesn’t matter which) and the leaf-shaped head piece, and line up their edges, starting from the nose. (Tiny Rhino doesn’t get turned inside-out, so all knots should start on the inside), sew the head piece to the body all the way along one edge and stop. 
Starting from the nose again, sew the other side of the body to the head piece. 

This time, keep going after you reach the back of the head piece, and sew along Tiny Rhino’s back.

Continue the seam until about half way across the small dip at the rump, where the tail will eventually be. Tie off the thread.

Take one of the foot pieces (it’s okay if it’s not clear which of the five is the tail piece, they’re all pretty much the same) and place it against the inside of the foot on the body. Starting where the body meets the leg, sew around the leg to where it meets again and tie off. Repeat with the other three legs.

Take two of the ear pieces and sew them together from one bottom corner to the other, around the two long edges.

Pinch the sewn ear together and put several stitches through both edges, drawing them together at the base. 

Sew the ear to Tiny Rhino’s head (about where pictured), stitching several times through both the ear and the body piece until it feels secure and points up in the direction you’d like (you can always add an extra stitch on the side you’d like it to lean more towards).

Using an embroidery needle, if you have one, poke in and then wiggle around where you want the eye to be, pushing the felt fibers apart until you have a tiny hole, just big enough for the little plastic pole on the eyes to push through. If you don’t have an embroidery needle, you can cut the hole. Just make sure it’s as tiny  as possible. It only needs to be a little slit. Repeat on the other side. 
Push the eyes through the tiny holes you made. If the holes aren’t big enough, push or cut them a tiny bit bigger to get the pole through. If they’re too big, and it seems like the washer could slide through them, take the extra scrap of grey felt, cut a piece a little bigger than the washers (it doesn’t matter what shape it is) and try the hole again. Then, place that piece and hole over the eye pole on the inside of Tiny Rhino, and move on. 
Place the washer (flat side towards the fabric) on the end of the pole. If you have blunt-nosed pliers, you can push the eye pieces together by squeezing the eye and the edge of the washer with the pliers, and the other side of the washer with your non-plier hand. If you don’t have blunt-nosed pliers, (or if you’d prefer, some people find it easier this way) you can use your fingers to push down on the washer, pressing the eye onto a hard surface. There should be two clicks. Repeat with the other eye. 

Take the two horn pieces and sew them together along the two long sides.

Take the two horn pieces and sew them together along the two long sides. 
Time for some stuffing! It helps to have a pencil for this part. 

Take a small amount of stuffing, about a twoonie -sized ball, and use the pencil or the closed tips of (rounded) scissors to push it into one of the legs. You may want to open the leg with the pencil first, to make the process easier. Repeat with the other three legs.

There should still be a little bit of stuffing sticking out the end of each leg, when you’re done.

Take the underbelly piece, and line up the thinner pointy end with Tiny Rhino’s nose. Stitch the edge along the bottom of the head until you reach the leg.

Carefully (without cutting your thread! (I have done this)), cut out a little triangle from the underbelly piece just below the leg. This will allow the leg to stand straight when you’re all finished.

Sew the open edge of the leg to the cut out space in the underbelly, and continue sewing along the body’s edge. Repeat the triangle cut and this step with the other leg.

When you get to the end of the underbelly piece, it may or may not fit exactly with the gap left by the seam on top. It’s okay either way. If the underbelly is too long to fit, just trim off the end in a still-pointy shape, then continue. If it’s too short, like in the picture, sew all the way up to meet the seam on top, sewing the body pieces together.

Then sew back along the same way and back down the other side.

Sew down the other side of the underbelly just until you meet the first leg, then tie off the thread.

Take the tail piece and cut two small slits on one of the short sides, about a third of the way in from each edge.

put the needle through the middle of the tail piece, just above the cuts.

Fold the tail piece into a little roll, and stitch the outside edge to the rest, wrapping the thread all the way around the outside of the role once or twice.

Continue sewing along the outside edge of the roll until you reach the end. Try to keep the roll tight as you go. It may twist a bit and that’s okay. Place the edge of the tail at the seam where you want to attach it. Usually, this is on that little dip above the bum. Sew along the edges just like with the horn.

When you finish attaching the tail, to make it point downwards instead of straight up in the air (which can be fun too), make several stitches between the back of the underbelly piece (the butt) and the underside of the tail. Pull tight and tie off. 

From the front of Tiny Rhino again, sew from the nose to just after the first foot, repeating the sew-cut triangle-sew process from the other side. Tie off the thread, but if you have a good amount left, leave it attached for now. 

Time for more stuffing! Stuff Tiny Rhino as little or as much as you’d like with the fiberfill provided in your kit. When you push stuffing into the head, you may have to wiggle the eyes around a bit to keep them pointing straight out.

When finished, gently pinch Tiny Rhino’s open seam together, and sew the final stretch! Remember to cut out the little space in the underbelly for this last leg too

Tada!!! You’re finished! Congratulations on your brand new, home-made Tiny Rhino! You Rock!

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